Cards Against Humanity Ultimate Game Guide

Where Can I Buy Cards Against Humanity?

where to buy cards against humanityThe simple answer is, Amazon has Cards Against Humanity for sale. The biggest online store in the US, where you can find basically anything you want, and this game is no exception.

There shouldn’t really be a reason for you to want to buy it from somewhere else, only if you hate online stores, or you just love to go shopping by foot, in a most-likely crowded place.

Buy Cards Against Humanity

The game is cheap and now that the holidays are coming, it’s a perfect get away game to grab and play with your friends or your family. We advise you play it with friends though.

What Cards Against Humanity is all about?

First of all, you wouldn’t want to buy it if you didn’t know what it was, right? For all of you that are reading this yet don’t know what Cards Against Humanity is, I’m going to quickly break it down for you.

It’s basically a multiplayer party game, intended to be used by adults, so if you’re under 18 you might want to consider something else. You can continue reading though since we have a list of similar games that you could play.

The game was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2011. It’s based on games such as Magic The Gathering and Charades. What’s amazing about it is that just in the first month of release, it skyrocketed to the first place on, that’s surely something to be proud of.

Oh, and for all of you that got here by searching for Card Against Humanity, do take note that it’s actually called Cards Against Humanity, since there’s a lot of different cards and outcomes you can play with. You wouldn’t want to go into a store and ask for a single Card Against Humanity.

What Stores Sell Cards Against Humanity?

You don’t want to buy online or simply dislike No problem, there are a bunch of stores that sell Cards Against Humanity, you just have to know where to go.

Toys’R’Usnot available
Best Buynot available
Hastingsnot available
BooksAMillionnot available
K-Martnot available
Searsnot available
Barnes and Nobleavailable

Buy Cards Against Humanity 

The answer for where can I buy Cards Against Humanity in stores might seem simple, but the game isn’t that easy to find in stores. But we are here for you, and we are going to list a few places where you can buy the board game.

Your first though might have been Toys’R’Us. Yeah, that’s what we also thought, but to our surprise they didn’t have the game. At least not when we visited them.

After this little disappointment, we thought about book stores. They are kind of struggling to stay relevant in today’s society so we figured they will probably carry the game. Well that wasn’t the case. The Cards Against Humanity game was nowhere to be found in Hastings or BooksAMillion. We were even wondering if the game is that popular after all, since we couldn’t find any tracks of it in stores.

So, who sells the game? Last chance we’ve got are the discount retail stores and well, get ready for more disappointment. No traces of the game at K-Mart or Sears. Oh well.

The only retail store that actually carries the game is Walmart, so there’s that. If you can’t find it in your local Walmart, then make sure to check their online website, it’s surely going to be on there. Barnes and Noble also sells this game.

An alternative to both and the non-stop running through the city is to actually download the game directly from Well yes, it’s available to buy on the official website as well, but that’s not what we’re talking about. What we’re saying is, you can download the printable cards for free as a pdf, then you can print the cards yourself. This is probably the easiest and cheapest solution but it requires a bit of work, so might not be for everyone.

What is Cards Against Humanity?

If you know about the game but want to maybe learn more, keep on reading. We’ve summarized it for you.
As we said, the game was crowded as a Kickstarter back in 2011 by a bunch of white guys. “A party game for horrible people” is what they are describing the game with, and it’s kind of true actually. The game features a lot of racist, homophobic, sexist and rape-culture jokes. If you are easily offended, then this game is probably not for you.

There have been cases where people were bullied, for one of the reasons listed above or simply because they were easily offended. You wouldn’t want to be the guy that gets offended, would you?

There’s a total of 550 cards, 460 of them being white and 90 black. It’s said that there are about 13 duodecillion possible rounds if you play with 5 other people, so it’s not that likely for it to be repetitive. Although it does get boring and slightly repetitive after a while, but that’s what expansion packs are for.

The quality of the actual cards is no joke, being printed on premium playing cards. You’d figure a game this popular won’t have any quality material issues.

#1 Amazon’s Best Seller for a very long time, the board game has over 90% 5-star reviews. That’s amazing and rarely found really, 1-star reviews are also only 1% of the total (probably by people that got easily offended).
There are also over 30.000 reviews on in case you’re feeling bored or want to really get into details.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity?

Playing Cards Against Humanity is really simple, you need more than two players, free time and an at least mediocre sense of humor. The number of players is really important, so it’s great if you can drag as many people into this as possible.

A way to play the game is as follows: One player draws a black card and places it down while reading the text on it. The black card is a fill-in-the-blank type of card. The other players draw a number of white cards, usually 10, and they pick the best response to the black card, while also reading it out. The answer has to be funny, or very true. Then, the Card Czar, aka the player who placed the black card down, reads all the white cards out loud and picks his favorite. The game ends when a person has reached a certain amount of points, usually 10 or 15.

There’s also the democratic way to play the game, when everyone picks their favorite, but this mode is a tad riskier since you don’t want to start a fight over who’s the funniest of your friends.

It has been said that this one simple board game can reveal your inner nature. But it probably just highlights your ability to pick the funniest card out of the ten. Or who knows, you might actually just be a horrible person.

Cards Against Humanity Rules

Even though it’s great to feel limitless, there’s bound to be chaos if you go on that path, so it’s better to keep it clean and have some rules. The rules of Cards Against Humanity are listed above and couldn’t be easier.

The Card Czar picks a black card, then everyone else picks a white card, then one player gets a point for having the best white card. What you can’t and shouldn’t do in this game is to just draw endlessly until you get the funniest cards ever, make alliances against a certain someone that’s winning a bit too much (although that would be funny) or things like having the “72 virgins” card up your sleeve.

You Can Play Cards Against Humanity Online

Yep, you can play online Cards Against Humanity. If you desire to, and you don’t have the friends necessary to play the game in real life, there’s a bunch of websites where you can play the game. Although it’s not official, it works.

There was a more official version of the game online at one point, but it got took down because of server issues, as in the host couldn’t pay for them anymore. What a shame. There’s also a bunch of mobile apps that copy or mock the gameplay but these aren’t really that close to the real thing, so we advise against them.

Cards Against Humanity: Examples!

Some examples of Cards Against Humanity? Now we’re sure you want to hear some of the cards texts, so we’ve got some examples for you.

These are some of the best cards or funny cards that we could find online at least, they are definitely not the best of the best, since that’s a matter of subjectivity really.

Here are some example questions:

“I got 99 problems but ____ ain’t one.”
“How did I lose my virginity?”
“What is there a ton of in heaven?”
“I drink to forget ____.”
“What gets better with age?”

Now some of these are only funny if combined with the right white card:

“My sex life.”
“The Big Bang.”
“Miley Cyrus at 55.”
“Daddy issues.”

We’re not going to spoil everything to you, since you might want to play the game for yourself. But we just had to include some of the combinations we encountered.

“The school trip was completely ruined by ____.” to which the answer is, “Sexual tension.” We all know it’s true, and on top of that it’s also funny.

Last one, we promise.

“What are my parents hiding from me?” to which the answer is as simple as “Harry Potter erotica”. That’s what the game is about.

These are just example Cards Against Humanity outcomes, you might find better, funnier ones, while some might just not fit.

Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs

No game would be complete without expansions! That’s why there are bunch of Cards Against Humanity expansion packs out there.

The expansion list goes like this: From First Expansion pack until the Sixth, all consisting of 112 cards with the introduction of blank cards, The Red Box, Blue Box and Green Box, bigger expansion packs with 300 total cards.

There’s other smaller themed packs such as The Bigger Blacker Box which is basically an empty storage room that also comes with 51 cards and the New Bigger Blacker Box which is a larger variant to the previous one.

On top of that, there have been different Holiday Pack releases as well, in 2012, 2013, and 2014, all consisting of 30 cards. These ones are special because all the profit was donated to different charities.

If that’s not enough for you, take notice that there’s more. A bunch of miscellaneous packs featuring themes such as the 90s Nostalgia, the Design Pack, Food Pack, Fantasy Pack, and even a Jew Pack.

The recently over political fight between Trump and Hillary also made them release two political themed packs, in which they mock the candidates. The “Post-Trump Pack” with a radioactive hazard symbol and 30 total cards and the “Vote for Hillary Pack” with 15 cards and a check mark symbol.

Also, if you happened to visit PAX East you might have gotten your hands on the limited time PAX exclusive packs, from 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Most of these expansion packs are, or were, quite easy to grab. An exception to this rule is the Hanukkah LOL Pack which was only printed 3 times. So, if you’re a hardcore fan, you’re probably never going to be able to complete your collection.

Games Like Cards Against Humanity

If you like Cards Against Humanity, there’s a bunch of similar games out there. Most of them can be found at

Exploding KittensExploding Kittens
is one of them, a game about kittens and explosions, and sometimes goats. This is a family-friendly alternative party game for 2-5 players, or up to 9 players if combined with another deck. This game holds the title as the most-backed project in Kickstarter history and all its cards were illustrated by The Oatmeal. You get 56 cards, the box, and the instructions.

Hasbro’s Speak OutAnother family-friendly title, this time recommended for people aged 16+ though, is Hasbro’s Speak Out Game. It’s a hilarious fun game to play with your friends or your family. What you’re supposed to do is read a sentence out loud and another person has to guess what you’re saying. There’s a twist though. You will be wearing a special mouthpiece while reading the sentences, which makes speech super hard and very funny. You get 5 mouthpieces, 200 double-sided cards, timer, and instructions.

Telestrations After DarkThe last one we’re going to list here is Telestrations After Dark the board game. It’s another Adults Only type of game, great for parties and get together with friends. It’s a game about drawing stuff, although you don’t need talent, all you need is a sense of humor. Based on the original game Telestrations, you will draw what you see and then guess what you saw for hilarious, weird and just plain wrong outcomes.

In Conclusion, Where Can You Buy Cards Against Humanity?

You can find it at various online marketplaces or even retail stores, although we recommend using since it’s safe, cheap and fast. You can also find the game at Barnes and Noble, Target, eBay and Walmart. Do buy this game if you want to have fun with your friends, but do not buy it if you are easily offended.

Buy Cards Against Humanity